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Victorian Opal Ring

R 12,000.00

5 of the highest grade opal’s we’ve ever seen, set in 18k yellow gold.

Size Q can be sized.

Already in ancient times opals were considered very valuable gems. Gods created these gems according to traditions and given the people of each stone a part. The Opal has been described by Pliny the Elder as follows: “He has the delicate sparkle of the sparkle, the brilliant purple of the amethyst, the splendid sea-green of the emerald, the golden yellow of the topaz, the deep blue of the sapphire, so that all the colors are wonderful Shine opinion together “. In Greek mythology, the tears of Zeus are held captive, which he is said to have wept after defeating the Titans.

The Opal was already in ancient times as an important healing stone, which should strengthen the soul and true love. Even when looking at it, the opal should unfold its effect. In India, the opal has always been considered a lucky charm. His name probably comes from ancient Indian Sanskrit. Here he was called “upala” for “gemstone”. In ancient Greece he was called “opallios”, in ancient Rome “opalus”. Opal is also known by the synonyms Beese, Fiorit, Granulin, Lechosos, Neslit, Peaderos, Santilith, Stillolith, Viandit, Orphan and Weese.

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