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We're inspired by humanity's history and have gone back in time, searching for secrets and esoteric values from ancient civilisations like Greece & Egypt that lie at the basis of our modern view of the world. In their worldview, divinities were always present and actively involved in all aspects of life, people's destinies & even nature was believed to be a manifestation of the will of these gods. There could be no reality without Magic, without that power beyond human understanding. We have thus created a collection of Talismans inspired by the secrets of these lost civilisations that had already known so deeply about the relationship between the earth and sky, about the relationship between the stars, the moon , the sun, and humanity itself, explaining them using metaphor and myths as they were painting in our imagination .

Since the beginning of time, men have attributed magical healing powers to the mineral world. Minerals were used as talismans by shamans, oracles, prophets, they were also used as decoration and symbols of power and regality for Queens Kings and Pharaohs.

We've recreated objects that can be worn in any occasion, bringing you back in time, evoking a sense of light and protection through beauty, colors and delicate designs, reminding you to look beyond what lies behind the veil of maya, behind that layers of illusion that see life as meaningless.

Then its up to you, the real power lies in believing. Only you can give your Talisman real Magic, using your imagination, using your intention, and your will. We are only a bridge for you to find the most perfect fit for your personality and your needs, or maybe as a beautiful gift for a Loved one who needs some extra strength or protection. Each talisman comes with a card that explains the healing or protective power of each incredible stone.

Stay curious about the collection and read more about the meaning of the names under each piece.

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