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Astron Line Diamond Earring


R 1,480.00

This earring represents the shape of a constellation; polky diamonds make the stars. A Polky Diamond is an uncut diamond that is naturally earth mined, no enhancement, never lab created or synthetic whatsoever.  Polky is always in great demand and highly valued because of its natural form. It is much shinier and much more exclusive.

This beautiful talisman comes in 925 sterling silver , or in silver gold plated 3 micron.


Diamond is a crystal of Light; its high frequency energy is dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant “fire” that typifies the sun. It is a spiritual stone, a symbol of perfection and illumination, activating the Crown and Etheric Chakras. It enhances inner vision and stimulates creativity, imagination, and ingenuity, opening the mind to the “new” and “possible.” In addition to its spiritual power, Diamond has an unconquerable hardness and has been known since antiquity as a “Stone of Invincibility,” bringing victory, superior strength, fortitude and courage to its wearer.

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